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Janeway ignoring Mark for work in their last interaction

Oh, Mark. First the mechanics. Kathryn and Mark are engaged, and have puppy children together, but the only interaction we get is through the viewscreen, and due to the premise of the series, we already knew they were doomed. Of course I was never invested in them! Mark was only ever just a plot point propped up at various intervals to give Janeway angst and keep her from having a relationship with anyone else (mainly Chakotay for whom the 'Captain taboo' excuse is flimsiest).
Then, Jeri Taylor released Mosaic (which I talked about on the Women At Warp podcast) and we got Mark’s backstory, and it made everything WORSE. If you haven’t read it (spoilers): Mark and Kathryn grew up together and reconnect every so often. He’s a couple years older than her and he studies philosophy. He had a crush on her since she was about 14 but they only finally get together after her father and her fiancé die in a shuttle crash in which she was also a passenger. Now, it’s possible that Kathryn and Mark interacted all the time, in many mundane circumstances, but what we get in the book is a lifetime of Mark showing up when Kathryn is in distress. She’s upset about tennis and her parents. She’s literally drowning. She broke up with her boyfriend. Her father has disappointed her again. And finally, she is the sole survivor of a shuttle crash that killed the two most important men in her life. At which point they “fall in love”. And then, she gets lost in space and he almost immediately marries someone else.

He pined for her for like 40 years. He waited for her, and only when it looked like she was dead did he move on. I’m sure this is meant to be romantic. But to me, it’s creepy. They meet as children. He swoops in to save her a bunch of times. He waits for her, waits for her to realize the passionate bad boys she’s attracted to are not what she needs. Positions himself as their opposite – the nice boy next door and her hero – and it finally works. He gets her. And then she leaves and disappears into the night. Once he’s convinced she’s dead, he finds and marries someone else in like a year. Probably someone who needs him. To me, this indicates that from like age 10 he was FIXATED on Kathryn Janeway and only when she was DEAD could he have another relationship. That’s not healthy.
  BUT I know they have their fans, and I absolutely was one the first time I read Mosaic, so I made an aesthetic for shippers. The text is from Heather Nova’s London Rain; for decades whenever I hear the song I only think of them.

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